WSELeague2018 - Episode 4, Game Over Terni

Data: 21/04/2018
Via del rivo 181
Game Over
Terni (TR)
Categoria Eventi

#WSELeague2018 Episode 4, Italy National Ladder Sanctioned Tournament, Stage Game Over 21/04 - 16:00 Bracket and Rules = Minimum Number of Players: 6 If the total number of players isn't at least this number, this tournament will NOT grant Ladder points to players. Format: NeoStandard MixedLanguages - Modified Swiss Rounds = Time: (choose if 25-30-35 minutes). 6 - 8 Players = 3 Rounds 9 - 16 Players = 4 Rounds 17 - 32 Players = 5 Rounds 33 - 64 Players = 6 Rounds 65+ Players = 7 Rounds Top Cut and Single Elimination = Time: (choose if 30-35-40 minutes) 6 - 7 Players = No Top Cut 8 - 15 Players = Top4 16+ Players = Top8 3rd and 4th place match must be played too. 5th to 8th place can be determined by playing matches or via swiss placements, as stated and declared at the start of the tournament.

Participation fees and prizes are in care of the Location managers/shop owners. You can see your actual rank in the WSELeague International Ladder and National Ladder here: http://www.wseleague.com/ladder.php You can see the full Sanctioned Tournaments Schedule on facebook Group Weiss Schwarz European League or here: http://www.wseleague.com/championship.php In order to obtain points, you MUST be register on www.wseleague.com During the tournament enrollment, please give to the organizers your name (please use your real name when you register on www.wseleague.com ), your WSCode (you obtain your WSCode when you register on www.wseleague.com and you can see it always in your account panel), and the set you are going to play. For any information about the WSELeague competitive tournament circuit, head to Weiss Schwarz European League and http://www.wseleague.com/rules.php

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