Software Developers Meeting - The Road of Continuous Integration - A real case study

Data: 05/09/2019
Bolzano (BZ)
Categoria Arte e Cultura

The Open Data Hub project is a collection of multiple sub projects with the goal to provide an access point to South Tyrol’s relevant data. Therefore, the NOI AG collaborates with several local companies to develop solutions for collecting data from different sources and APIs. The different collected data can then be accessed from one single, central source.The different sub projects require a lot of effort to keep all software parts up-to-date. So, the NOI AG and I developed a continuous integration strategy to automate as much as possible. The case study will show our experiences on this road using tools like GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, AWS and many more. In addition, we will show pros and cons of different approaches and also show alternative solutions. 18:30 Alex Lanz: Continuous integration introduction In this first part it will be introduced the basic concept about Continuous Integrations. 19:00 Alex Lanz and Patrick Bertolla: A real case study The second part will be focused on the presentation of a real case study based on the experience collected during the implementation of the Open Data Hub Project.

19:30 Open discussion

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