Rember the valiant of the USS Savannah

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Solerno Port
Salerno (SA)
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During the Salerno, Italy operations, USS Savannah (CL 42) is hit by a German guided bomb. The explosion kills nearly 200 of her crew, but she remains under her own power to return to the U.S. for repairs. USS Savannah (CL-42) was a light cruiser of the Brooklyn-class that served in World War II in the Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres of operation. Savannah conducted Neutrality Patrols (1941) and wartime patrols in the Atlantic and Caribbean (1942), and supported the invasion of French North Africa in Operation Torch (November 1942). She sought German-supporting blockade runners off the east coast of South America (1943), and supported the Allied landings on Sicily and at Salerno (1943). Off Salerno on 11 September 1943, a German radio-controlled Fritz X glide-bomb caused extensive casualties aboard and serious damage to Savannah, requiring emergency repairs in Malta and permanent repairs at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

After repairs and upgrades, she served in the task force that carried President Roosevelt to the Yalta Conference in early 1945. Placed in commission in reserve on 22 April 1946, and was finally decommissioned on 3 February 1947. She was the only Brooklyn-class cruisers to be modernized with bulges, twin 5in/38 guns and Mark 37 directors, she was retained by the USN when most of her surviving sister ships were sold to South American navies. Her name was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 1 March 1959, and she was sold for scrapping on 25 January 1966

Another example if Navy Pride, Professionalism, and Determination. Rather graphic video in 4 parts can be seen on youtube showing what it took to save the ship by the crew that survied
the day after, the after repaires and the memorial

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