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INTRODUCTION OF WHOM WE ARE (1) Historical Event monitoring Organization (HEMO) is an organization created by applicants of international protection who lives in Matera. We are here to bring to remembrance the problems facing immigrants children citizenship born in Italy. PROJECT (2) PROBLEMS FACING IMMIGRANTS CHILDREN BORN IN ITALY Italy accumulates a large numbers of immigrants, more than other European countries. The problems of immigrants children citizenship is a long battle issue in difference Government institutions and organizations here in Italy. To discuss on this issue of giving automatic citizenship or to improve European Law 91 of 1992, signed by member countries who participated in the conference. But Italian Government ignoring this law, avoiding to bring the proposals in parliament. The issue remain uncompromised. Huge numbers of immigrants children born in Italian territory are about one million, these number increases everyday. Three quarter of them are without official recognition, registration, or proper documentations, it worry-some. THE LAW CONCERNING CITIZENSHIP IN ITALY (3) Italian authority had been existing, harboring immigrants for many years, before 1992 law was commission.

The law issue of immigrants citizenship becomes endemic. The law does not provide every possibility to obtained automatic citizenship as practiced in difference European countries, Even in America. The law turn twenty years this year 2012 without concrete agreement with members of the parliament, organizations, individuals, Interest group, Episcopal conference. THE STRUGGLES (4) Historical Event Monitoring Organization (HEMO) wants to join the rest of associations, civil society, members of parliament to fight for the right of immigrants children citizenship. As we are approaching the goal, fifty thousand signatories has been collected so far, to apply for the European law 91, modification. We are keeping on with the collections of signatories in all Italian territories. THE PROPOSAL OF THE LAW (5) The proposals of the law and presentation of the bill was signed by one hundred and fourteen senators, also the house leader Anna Finocchiaro signed it. On this tremendous attempt to move Italy near the year 1992 european’s law that provided even the right for foreigners to vote, who lives in Italy since almost five years.
This law proposals were put forward, which would meet with the consent of two major political parties in Italy. But the sentiment behind the proposals caused the party members to stop indefinitely. They suggested that, it will costs the party a lot to discuss about immigrants at the beginning of the political campaign, but could we see any results? How-ever, the Catholic church send appeals to the Italian parliament to modify the law 91 that has to intercept demographic changes in Italian territory and promote the acknowledgement of the citizenship for the immigrants children who were born in Italy. This matter is subject of discussion by three arms of government. HOW IT WORKS (6) Immigrants citizenship becomes a Global scenario that provides a framework to guide respective countries harboring immigrants. Further-more, nine European countries handled immigrants citizenship effectively. Italy should not be exceptional base on a humanitarian records. The law is sufficient, that the parents lives legally in respective territories since at least eight years to give to the child the right to citizenship, at the moment of his or her birth.
Some decided to give automatic citizenship when he or she turn eighteen years. Or with twelve months without questions, Other decided once a child is born is automatically a citizen. The law is positive in advantage of the immigrants. And how much will it costs to Italians? Nothing. It would means only to share the rights with people who pay taxes as everybody. They seems so suitable without any doubt for several cities and provincial councils sanctioning. If it would had been in ambit of their powers, the citizenship would had been giving to the immigrants children born in Italian territories, as city council of Matera demonstrated approving a specific daily items. As a matter of urgency, we therefore, tender this proposals to you for discussion, in conjunction with the European law 91 of, which makes provision for the foreigners right to vote who legally live in Italy since almost five years. Thanks

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