Presentation Open Innovation Program 2019/20 - Università di Bologna

Data: 22/05/2019
Bologna (BO)
Categoria Eventi

Get involved if you want to have a real learning experience in the field of innovation. Join us and discover the Open Innovation Program 2019/20 of the University of Bologna that involves companies, mentors, researchers and professors. The two programs: - CBI: science and tech innovation in collaboration with CERN - SUGAR: industry global innovation in collaboration with Stanford University and other 25 University all over the world  On Wednesday 22nd May we will present these two programs for Master's degree students (LM) and single-cycle degree students (LMCU, 4th year onwards) and we will go through how to apply. During the Open Innovation programs, University and society (locally and internationally) collaborate in a new model of mutual learning: students and young professionals have the opportunity to gain real experience by facing innovation challenges that have a real impact on society; companies and organizations can experiment and learn a new culture of innovation, appreciating the enthusiasm and new ideas brought by young people and researchers. Learn more https://www.almacube.com/corporate Real projects, with real companies, for real impact...where do you want to make a difference?

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