Opportunities and challenges in Single-Cell Biology

Dal 14/06/2019 Al 15/06/2019
Torino (TO)
Categoria Eventi Musicali

SINGLE-CELL REVOLUTION 2.0 The cell is the basic unit of life, but only very recent technological advancements that span from single cell RNA-sequencing to live imaging, allowed scientists to actually observe and measure the behaviour of biological processes at the level of individual cell. These new technologies revealed that no two cells are exactly the same and subtle changes that make each one unique are emerging. The increase in resolution is shaking our perspective on very basic biological processes and is revealing new cellular phenomena. This scientific revolution can pave the way for a novel interpretation of biological processes, especially those at the basis of complex phenotypes. The second edition of this free workshop focuses on the opportunities and challenges that the "single-cell revolution" brings at the biotechnological and data-analysis level, but also on the identification of new problems and paradigms in modern biology. Condensed in one day, we will see examples of the biological insights that can be gained while moving from “many “to “one”. Topics: Single Cell Sequencing, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Imaging

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