Milano Slow Fashion Walking Tour

Data: 18/12/2018
Milano (MI)
Categoria Eventi

The Slow Fashion tour is focused on high-quality fashion experiences. We'll visit eminent small and medium businesses in the Italian fashion market, inspiring a lifestyle and prioritizing durability, authenticity and sustainability. The best Milanese examples are based on these 3 main concepts: Fashion & Time: The Milanese fashion critic Anna Piaggi was the first to identify that quality pieces are not replaceable. Since then, many businesses have promoted cloth reuse, one of the pillars of sustainability. We will visit the best places to see unique vintage fashion. Fashion & Craftsmanship: The industrialization contributes to the craftsmanship disappearing. Otherwise, Italy always kept alive and valued the artisans, making high-quality products. You will know more about these products and artisans, who work for almost a century in Milan.

Fashion & Authorship: Fashion curating is definitely a highlight. It is the capacity of mixing old with new, which recreates and innovates fashion. The newest trends in fashion that emerge in Milan inspire influencers all over the world. At the end - 5km and 15 key-points - you will be delightful by the Milanese fashion. We speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian. Tips: come with confortable shoes.

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