Kaleidoshock #5: Ignacio Tamarit + contemporary Argentine Film

Data: 16/02/2018
Via Graziano Imperatore 40
Associazione UNZA! - Ciclofficina Nord Milano - Niguarda
Milano (MI)
Categoria Eventi

La serata Kaleidoshock di UnzaLab ospita il filmmaker argentino Ignacio Tamarit che proietta il programma Cortar & Pegar: una selezione di film "cameraless" della scena Argentina contemporanea. Film prodotti senza l'uso della cinepresa: dalle classiche tecniche di animazione su celluloide a forme più contemporanee di sperimentazione digitale. This program shows a contemporary panorama of the Argentine production of cameraless films of recent years. From classical techniques of direct animation on celluloid to contemporary functions through the use of digital tools, this selection shows the innovations and creative possibilities with which films can be made without using mechanical registration of a camera. Proiezioni in 16mm, super8 e digitale Durata della selezione: 60' GIF la película (digital to super 8) by Jeff Zorrilla White Trash (16 mm) by Jeff Zorrilla & Ignacio Tamarit TM (16 mm to video) by Pablo Marin Mantra (super 8) by Ernesto Baca Mx TRiplete PLástico (super 8 to 16 mm) by Ignacio Tamarit ¡PíFIES.

(super 8 to 16 mm) by Ignacio Tamarit NN (digital video) by Pablo Mazzolo Born to be blue (16 mm to digital) by Federico Lanchares Great balls of fire (super 8) by Manu Reyes In film/On Video (16 mm) by Ignacio Tamarit Esta no es una película huérfana (16 mm) by Ignacio Tamarit Breathe (super 8) by Leonardo Zito Welder (super 8 to digital) by Julio Fermepin Apertura Bar ore 21 >> Associazione UNZA. - Ciclofficina Nord Milano - Niguarda Inzio Proiezione ore 21.30 >> Argómm Teatro Ingresso a sottoscrizione Via Graziano Imperatore 40 / via Luigi Bianchi d'Espinosa, Milano Nord - Niguarda

Mazzolo focus: Pablo Mazzolo (b.1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina) currently lives and works in Buenos Aires. He studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires (FADU). His films explore the edges between the subject, reality, dream space, and time, through the specificity of the film medium. His films have been shown in various museums, galleries and festivals such as New York Film Festival: Views From the Avant Garde, Rotterdam Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Rancontres du Cinèma to Paris, Viennale, Videoex, Media City Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, La Mostra (S8), among others. He currently works as a director, editor, and teacher, while working on his first feature film. https://vimeo.com/125941273
La Camera Ardente

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