Java Developers' Meeting - AlpineBits and Java

Data: 06/06/2019
Bolzano (BZ)
Categoria Eventi

What is AlpineBits, who can benefit from it? How can I implement an AlpineBits Server using Java? Which are the most difficult aspects? These are some question that we will try to answer together with you during this meeting. 18:30 Martin Rabanser: AlpineBits getting started AlpineBits is more than only Hotel data, now the alliance is developing also a new brache of the standard, the Destination Data. Let's make a short introduction about what AlpineBits is and which is its main scope. 18:45 Christian Gapp: AlpineBits server in Java What are the main difficulties implementing an AlpineBits compatible server? Let's understand it toghether by presenting a real AlpineBits implementation based on Java code. 19:30 Open discussion

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