I Virtuosi dell'opera di Roma - La Traviata at St.Paul within the walls

Data: 21/03/2019
Roma (RM)
Categoria Arte e Cultura

St Paul Within the Walls Church The Church of St Paul within the Walls was the first non-Catholic church in Rome, built after the Unification of Italy.It was Reverend Robert J. Nevin who bought the land and obtained the necessary authorizations from the Italian government.The Church was built by the English architect George Edmund Street from 1873 to 1880 in the Romanesque-Gothic style and is characterized externallyby red brick alternating with travertine.The interior has three naves where stand out the stained glass windows which depict the life of St. Pauland mosaics depicting the Apocalypse.Moreover are depicted in mosaic some of the Fathers of the Church,and the curiosity is that some characters of the nineteenth century have lent their faces for their realization:therefore St.

Andrew has the face of Abraham Lincoln; St. James of Giuseppe Garibaldi and St. Patrick of General Grant, star of the American Civil War. Reduction: Under 18, Students (MAX 27 years old), Groups (MIN 15 pax), Military, Roma Pass. Please,show the reduction document at the entrance. Riduzioni: Under 18, Studenti (MAX 27 anni), Gruppi (min 15 pax), Militari, Roma Pass. Attenzione. il titolo della riduzione dovrà essere esibito all'ingresso.

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