How to Create Your Own Business - Interactive Workshop

Data: 12/09/2019
Roma (RM)
Categoria Eventi

The Workshop "How to Create Your Own Business" is an interactive, individual course tailored to the needs of people who would like to develop a business idea (digital, online, physical). The peculiarity of this workshop is in the actual personalization of the sessions. You'll be sitting with a business consultant (who helped many US and EU start-ups), who will gather your ideas and help you brainstorming and setting up the first points for an actual development, step by step. All of it, while enjoying an Italian Aperitivo. We would like to highlight that these sessions are made for both who has just a general idea and need some help to understand how to practically develop it, and for who has already something in their hands, but is looking for experienced guidelines and ways to refine it.  All Packages: Tips and trics + Aperitivo (2 hours and 30 min / 3 hours): Based on your idea and request, the consultant will help you refining your business idea,  and leave you with some tips and tricks specifically tailored to your business. It also touches the main point for a business need to succeed (from legal to marketing and branding)  Tips and Tricks + Business Plan + Aperitivo (2 sessions of 2 hours and 30 min / 3 hours each): This package consists in 2 separate sessions.

The first one, includes a general idea, and tips and tricks based on your actual business. During the second one, it'll be discussed a detailed business plan with deliveries and timelines, in order to effectively start building your business. Intensive Package + Aperitivo(3 session of 2 hours and 30 min / 3 hours each): This package consists in 3 separate sessions. It includes the previous packages, plus every final tuning and specific research related to your business, as an example, the kind of software to be used if CRM is needed, marketing strategy, list of legal documents to have, etc.  For information, scheduling and any other question, [email protected]

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