Grafik Week 2019

Dal 06/05/2019 Al 10/05/2019
Trento (TN)
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The brand new Grafik Week is here  GW is a multi day crash course about visual design. Each day you'll be walked trough the basics of visual communication with a hands-on approach. You'll get to use the best graphic softwares on the market (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator) to retouch, edit, enhance, transform, create badass design projects. The course is open to anyone, no design experience required. If you can install Adobe Photoshop on your computer without assistance, you are ready to rock  The new edition of Grafik Week offers a fresh new look across the whole the course, new dynamic lessons, a new exciting team, new exercises, new pictures. Oh, we've almost forgot: NEW STICKERS. Everything else, it's still how you've always loved it: challenges and contests, a rewarding score system, an insanely passionate teacher, 6 rockstar volunteers, guided software exercises and dynamic theory lessons. If this is your first time, we are sure we'll blow your brain  If you are a regular, get ready to be surprised nonetheless  ——————————————— SCHEDULE AND INFORMATIONS ——————————————— The course is free and structured on a linear path from the lowest level of difficulty of the first day to the most advanced level of the last day.

Once registered, you are free to attend the whole course or the lecture whose topic interest you more. To participate it is essential to bring your laptop (and mouse). The registration is required only for organizational reasons, so please, sign in. Textbooks, exercises, presentations and lectures are in English. Monday, May 6, Classroom A102 (Povo 1), from 14:30 to 19:00, Photoshop 101 (beginners-intermediate) Tuesday, May 7, Classroom A101 (Povo 1), from 14:30 to 19:00, Photoshop for Retouchers (intermediate) Wednesday, May 8, Classroom A102 (Povo 1), from 14:30 to 19:00, Illustrator from zero to hero (beginners-intermediate) Thursday, May 9, Classroom A102 (Povo 1), from 14:30 to 19:00, Illustrator for creative people (intermediate) Friday, May 10, Classroom A101 (Povo 1), from 14:30 to 19:00, Creativity and Visual Projects (intermediate-expert) ———————————— . . . VERY IMPORTANT . . . ———————————— Everyone is welcome to participate, you don’t have to be a University student  We provide dynamic lessons, a fully equipped classroom and the promise of 5 amazing afternoons talking about photography, typography, colour theory, grid system and creativity.
You are only asked to follow these simple rules: 1) BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP (and power lead) 2) If you have one, also bring your mouse 3) INSTALL THE FREE TRIAL* OF ADOBE PHOTOSHOP AND ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR 4) ARRIVE AT THE LESSON WITH THE SOFTWARE ALREADY INSTALLED (you will not have time to do it on the spot, we have lots to cover and we’ll literally RUN).  * the trial lasts for 7 day so we advise to install it on May 5th. Further information on weeklify.com/grafikweek

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