Foosball Night - The YellowSquare

Data: 20/12/2018
Roma (RM)
Categoria Eventi Musicali

The YellowSquare presents:FOOSBALL NIGHT  Are you ready for the new YellowSquare challenge?. Every Thursday and Saturday we'll sweat our shirts, well... not us, but those little players tied to a stick yes. We'll live exciting Foosball matches until we find our champion couple every day, those who will have the chance to celebrate in the Yellow Bar invited by us. Anything else? Yes, it's completely free for all the guests and they can register at reception throughout the week. We'll be waiting for you. - RULES: * Teams must be of 2.  * Knockout Round mode, the first to score 5 goals wins. * Flip A Coin - A coin flip decides who serves the foosball to start the foosball game. After the first goal is scored, the rule is that the team who was last scored on gets to serve the next ball.

* Legal Goals: The foosball must be touched by a man before the ball goes into a goal for a legal goal to occur. * NO SPINNING.  No moving of the table. No unsportsman like comments or actions. No distracting of your opponent. -

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