EMBO Workshop on Lymphocyte antigen receptor signalling

Dal 25/08/2018 Al 29/08/2018
Siena, Italy
Siena (SI)
Categoria Eventi

A remarkable body of knowledge has been accumulated over the last decade on the molecular machinery responsible for antigen receptor signaling, on which initiation and execution of adaptive immunity to infection and cancer crucially relies. Thus equipped, we have been able to study lymphocyte development, activation and differentiation using sophisticated mouse models. With the development of new gene manipulation approaches, high throughput technologies and biophysical tools, we are now able to tackle the complexity of the human lymphocyte responses with high definition. A quantum leap has been achieved with the development of potent imaging and bioinformatic tools that made it possible to to study the immune response in vivo in the complex context of the lymphoid organs, both under homeostatic conditions and during infection, autoimmune disease and cancer.

The results of these studies are now being exploited with unprecedented success in the area of translational medicine, with the development of drugs that specifically target these signaling pathways and powerful approaches to engineer T cells for the treatment of immune-related diseases. The principal objective of this EMBO Workshop is to provide a forum to critically assess recent progress in this rapidly moving area of signaling in the immune system.

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