Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine hill

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Rome, Italy
Roma (RM)
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On our Colosseum tour we visit all general access areas plus special access to 3rd, 4th and 5th level. Having complete Colossuem experience, youwill go to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, so you get a panoramic view of Ancient Rome throughout the ages. Your tour will be intimate and unhurried while your expert English-speaking guide will have time to tailor the tour to suit the specific needs of the group. http://iviaggidialuve.com/tours/colosseum-roman-forum-palatine-hill/ HIGHLIGHTS: Licensed English speaking guide English speaking tour leader who will assist you during the tour Small group of 15 pax or fewer Skip the line tickets to the Colosseum Skip the line tickets to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Special Access to the Colosseum Upper Level, Arena Floor and the Colosseum Underground Headsets so you can always hear your guide Brunch in one of our selected spots to “Do as the Romans do” COLOSSEUM TOUR: See more than ever before of the Colosseum on this incredible look inside Rome's most symbolic monument. Gain privileged access to the arena as well as the upper level for a unique and unforgettable perspective.

Step off the normal tourist path for a top level Colosseum tour that offers unparalleled views of the ancient ruin and the historic center of Rome. Once inside, you'll enjoy a full tour of the general-access areas as you learn the story of this iconic monument. From the vicious bloodsports that took place on the arena floor to the political reasons behind them, your guide will educate and enthrall you with their stories. Hear the echoes of Ancient Roman civilization as you journey through tunnels where lions and tigers once roared from their cages and gladiators sharpened their swords. After you've seen the general access areas, you'll pass through gates normally closed to visitors and ascend into the upper levels of the Colosseum. These seats were once designated for the lowest social ranks in Roman society (like women). As you explore the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels, you'll learn why Roman society was so stratified and what it meant for people's everyday lives. In the past, these might have been the cheap seats, but once you see the entire Colosseum spreading out beneath your feet you'll understand that today they are anything but.
Remember though, these areas can only be visited on a guided tour so be sure to book now to avoid disappointment. ROMAN FORUM: Your journey through Ancient Rome will take you to the Roman Forum, to the marketplace that once bustled with life, the Via Sacra which was once walked by Caesar's army returning home from war and the place where Caesar himself was cremated. You'll skip the lines over at the Roman Forum and head inside for a full tour of Ancient Rome's bustling civic center. As you literally walk in the footsteps of men like Julius Caesar (the roads contain their original paving stones) you'll get a fascinating crash course in the history of the empire that founded Western Civilization. Along the way, you'll stop by old monuments, temples, and governmental buildings that your guide will help you interpret and understand. THE PALATIN HILL, DISCOVER THE BIRTH OF ROME: We'll step further back in time at the Palatine Hill to discover the birth of Rome. Your guide will tell you the story of Remus and Romulus the abandoned babies who, legend has it, were found in this very spot by the she-wolf who raised them as her own.
Romulus is often said to be the founder of Rome, after he fought his brother for the right to establish an empire. Explore the ruins of Rome's first palaces, some of Ancient Rome's most extravagant private villas. Today only portions of them remain, but they hint as lifestyles of wealth beyond even our modern standards that your guide will tell you all about. Take in beautiful views over all of Ancient Rome. DO AS THE ROMANS DO: We know that after a tour like the one in the Ancient Rome you can be tired, so it's time to have a drink and something to eat. Our private bus will be waiting for us and we will go to one of our favourite place, closeby the Palatine Hill. There we will serve you a complimentary brunch, The menu changes daily but is likely to include local delicacies such as supplì, pizza alla romana, baccalà and many more that are locally produced with fresh seasonal produce. The tour lasts: 4 hours for Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill 1 hour for the brunch

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