Clubbell Strength - Certification

Dal 27/04/2019 Al 28/04/2019
Varese (VA)
Categoria Arte e Cultura

Clubbell Strength  The use of this ancient and redesigned tool will empower the ability to produce strength in angle ad degrees that could not be reached by using conventional machine and tools  It unique pulling action and leverage create an incredible torque production on the subject. Torque is the most powerful and misunderstood concept of force in the training and lifting field. Strength through rotation. The clubbell also can produce speed, explosive, agile, endurance, centripetal, maximal and relative strength. All this will lead to a more complex understanding of the use of force and thanks to the unique pulling it will not load directly the joint and tissues but it will improve separation trough joint allow a correct moving and synovial fluid production.

It will also lay the connective tissues so elasticity will improve and a better good structure will be gained out of work.  Clubbell is also very transportable and can be integrated with the use of conventional tools or machine in order to support and compensate any linking of force During the seminars, the attendee will learn how to use and teach different exercises, from grinds to ballistics. The student will also learn how to coach and design specific strength and conditioning programs.

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