Bootcamp "Aşîtî Urban Games" Training Bologna, Italy

Dal 01/04/2019 Al 29/04/2019
Bologna (BO)
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Aşȋtȋ Games is a training project (2018-2020) of the non-profit association Creativi108, based in Bologna. Funded by the European Erasmus Plus Program, the training will take on the appearance of a multidisciplinary laboratory of non-formal intensive education and social innovation for the creation of Urban Games. The designed games will arrive in the urban areas of Bologna, Lisbon, Valencia and Opole open to the active participation of all citizens Organised by CREATIVI108 PRESELECTION APPLICATION Our Speakers Helder Luiz Santos SOCIAL STREET WORK (MODULE 1) Karolina Pisz GAMIFICATION STRATEGIES (MODULE 2) Alicia Carpio Obrè COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES (MODULE 3) Miriam Trolese SERVICE DESIGN APPROACH (MODULE 4) The Theme - The Game against the religious terrorism In the face of frequent urban massacres claimed by confessional fanaticism, Creativi108 wants to revive the perception of the city as a place of meeting, sharing and listening among the people. And it does so through the instrument of the urban games. Games created by the young people selected by the partners of the project and enjoyed by citizens in some European cities.

Therefore, a concept of playing as a first and elementary form of community experience, which can only be implemented through a system of rules that makes it possible to meet with the others. MODULE 1 (1-5 of April) Meeting the group, participants first connections Social Street work - Basics Meeting diversity Social Street Work: positive cohabitation, interconvectional dialogue Values and Ethics; - Social Street Work: How to work in human and Child rights in Intercultural context Experiencial Workshop in the city centre MODULE 2 (6-11 of April) Gamification: what is it, its rules, methodology and how to apply it to Urban Games Analysis of the good practices in Europe Lab on the Games that had been already organized MODULE 3 (12-17 of April) Deconstructing Prejudices Constructing identities Different vs. equal (discovering the Other) Communication as strategy How to make use of communication: social media, interreligious dialogue, visualizing common value, constructing positive representation Team Building MODULE 4 (18-23 of April) Service design process for education From research to ideation Prototype Asiti Urban Games Test and Lab in the city Final Event in Bologna

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