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Dal 03/06/2018 Al 09/06/2018
Santa Margherita
Santa Margherita, Italy
Genova (GE)
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AcroYoga SoLunar Immersion Italy with Julia & Pascal Weis and acroseeds acrobatics - therapeutics - community - organic food 3rd - 9th June 2018 For the first time Julia and Pascal Weis + Acroseeds together for one of the most beautiful acroyoga experiences. In 7 days we will diving deep into heart of the AcroYoga practice to evolve your practice in all aspects. The 7 days are split into two focus parts: 3rd - 6th: THERAPEUTIC LUNAR IMMERSION with Julia & Pascal Weis To go deeper in your healing practice of thai massage. For who wants to: *Refine the quality of Healing Touch *Deepen Thai Massage Techniques *Deepen Therapeutic Flying Techniques and Transitions *Learn new invaluable tools to enhance an existing Yoga and/or *Massage Therapy offering 6th - 9th of June: ACROBATIC SOLAR IMMERSION with Francesco Semino & Pascal Weis *Deepen Confidence, Spotting skills, and Strength *Deepen Acrobatic Techniques and Transitions at any level *Discover the foundations for Advanced Acrobatics After completing both you are eligible to apply for the Acroyoga Teacher training.

Food: Delicious vegetarian food prepared by two amazing acro-cooks: Daphne Tatsou and Camilla Pellegrini Residential: Shared room (4 px), children under 4 don't pay for the accomodation Prices: SoLunar (7days) special deal for the first 15 to sign-up: 995€ early-bird price: 1100€ regular price: 1200€ Solar or Lunar (3,5 days) early-bird: 550€ regular: 600€ Here the google form to book your place: https://goo.gl/forms/kSnP9N9W1Fdxh6MB3 FOR KIDS (6-13 years old): Sea and Nature Summer Camp program available every day from 10am to 6 pm in one of the most beautiful Bay in the world. ***********Kids Camp: 8 days - 290€/each + transport************

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Is the course taught in English or Italian?

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