4Weed Records presents IRON DUBZ - Csoa Gabrio

Via Francesco Millio 42
Csoa Gabrio
Torino (TO)
Tel 2018-03-17
Categoria Eventi

4Weed Music & Csoa Gabrio presentano: – Fallen Soldier Ep - 4Weed & Bass Pirates Label 12" vinyl release night – In occasione dell'uscita in vinile dell'ep 'Fallen Soldier' in collaborazione con Bass Pirate, featuring Fikir Amlak, Iron Dubz e Dub All Sense, 4Weed Records è lieta di invitare a Torino, per la prima volta in Italia, il producer francese Iron Dubz con il suo Live Dub show. Dopo essere stato apprezzato con le sue produzioni, suonate in tutto il mondo da Iration Steppas, Jah Tubby, OBF e molti ancora, Iron Dubz nel 2017 ha prodotto il suo album di debutto 'Sound Addict', che verrà presentato al Csoa Gabrio, sabato 17 marzo, arricchito di nuovi dubplates e produzioni inedite. ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ IRON DUBZ - Live Dub [1st time in Italy] BASSLINER feat.

LION WARRIAH - Live Show Pre and After: ROOTIKAL DUB FOUNDATION CAMPANILE CSOA GABRIO Via Millio 42, Zona San Paolo Antifascista - Torino Entry 5 euro www.4weed.net https://gabrio.noblogs.org Media: Subaddict Video: I'll do me-filmaking Release: Bass Pirates Label ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ IRON DUBZ Iron Dubz started to produce music in 2010, releasing vinyls on his own label, as well as on various others such as Black Redemption and Pure Niceness Records. Played by the biggest sounds around the globe, like Iration Steppas, OBF, Blackboard Jungle and Jah Tubbys, his tracks range from powerful digital reggae and heavy dub stepper, specifically designed for sound system. In France, Europe, Australia and New-Zealand, he has shared stages with the biggest names of the international reggae/dub scene. In 2017 Iron Dubz releases his debut album called "Sound Addict", demonstrating his versatility and translating the large pannel of his inspirations. www.facebook.com/IronDubz

We are proud to present 'Fallen Soldier' in collaboration with Bass Pirate Records label. It is a production that combines talent and creativity of many artists from all over the world: Dub All Sense (UK), Fikir Amlak (US), Iron Dubz (FR). ‘Fallen Soldier’ is a special dedication to‘Kapa’ Social Bass, Patrick Anselm Instrument of Jah. Gone but never forgotten.
Give a listen to some wicked tunes you will hear from Iron Dubz in Turin. #Heavy
SH.MIXTAPE.19 / IRON DUBZ for Stand High Patrol.

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