23-30 Maggio 2018 Lines and wander lines: movement explorations

Contrada La Chiusa
Casina Settarte
Brindisi (BR)
Tel 2018-05-23
Categoria Eventi

For this second year, we (Asaf Bachrach and Matthieu Gaudeau) wanted to continue this research inspired by the work of Fernand Deligny and Erin Manning. For four years we have been working on attention and emergence processes in joint improvisation, contact improvisation and somatic practices (Alexander Technique, Rolfing); the context of the Casina Settarte allows us to go back and forth between outdoor work and studio … And to question the relationship to the environment. We wanted to begin to trace the contours, the reliefs, the grain of these experiences by mapping the attentional dynamics and the different qualities of shared attention. How to create an interaction context co-formed by the interests of each participant? How to leave this context, this landscape to be deformed, to trace contours, dynamics, interactions? How to refine the tools of annotations of these moving landscapes? And how to trace a perception of self that emerges from these shared dynamics? We want these 8 days to be conceived of as an immersion and an opportunity to question the boundaries between space / time of life and work; where the structure of the workshop emerges from our interactions and upsets our habits of transmission, knowledge and learning.

arrived: 22/5 in the day, departure 30/5 in the morning registration and information: [email protected] http://www.casinasettarte.org/wordpress/23-30-maggio-2018-maps-and-wonder-lines-landscapes-innerscapes-relationscapes-asaf-barach-e-matthieu-gaudeau/

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